Who is RAM? You are!

The Richmond Association for Montessori (RAM) is made up of the families of Montessori students at Manoah StevesGarden Cityand James McKinney Elementary schools, who work together to support the Montessori program in Richmond. We are an independent, registered organization formed under the Society Act of British Columbia. RAM was established more than 20 years ago by parents who wanted an alternative to the public school program. They worked long hours over many months with the school board, ultimately resulting in the Montessori program at 3 schools in Richmond.

The success of the Montessori program depends on the participation of parents and teachers in an environment characterized by mutual respect and cooperation. We are fortunate to have an excellent group of dedicated and professional teachers and administrators whose objective is to create interactive and dynamic learning environments for our children. At the same time, we need committed parents to volunteer their time to make this program successful.